Construction ceramics

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Building ceramics

Are you looking for building ceramics products, but you don't know which ones to choose? The products we offer are fired according to the strictest requirements, thanks to which they work well on every construction site. Therefore, focus on durability and take care of the economic aspects by investing in good quality ceramic products.

What products are classified as building ceramics?

The most common ceramic products are bricks, hollow bricks and tiles. However, these are not the only materials made of construction ceramics that are used during the erection of buildings and at the stage of their finishing. In the process of making the external façade, clinker fittings (full or perforated), clinker tiles often find their place, and ceramic wool is also used in the construction of chimneys or boiler channels.

How is building ceramics made?

Building ceramics, i.e. all materials for which clay was used, is made in the process of firing its mixture, composed outside of it, with other mineral ingredients. From the quality of these ingredients, the quality of kilns, the method of firing and experience of producers depends on its quality. In our store, we offer you high-quality, durable construction ceramics, with which you can successfully perform even the most demanding project.

Types of building ceramics

The firing process of ceramic products is accompanied by really high temperatures, thanks to which the clay and other ingredients harden, lose their elasticity and water-binding properties. As a result, products are created that not only have increased resistance to moisture, but also to frost. It is the firing temperature that determines the structure of the final product. Products fired at a temperature of 900 to 1100 degrees are characterized as porous products. In turn, those with a firing temperature above 1100 degrees Celsius, as sintered.

Building ceramic products

In our store, we know how important it is to have many products needed at the construction site in one place. That is why we offer you a wide selection of construction ceramics products. In addition to bricks, voids and ceramic tiles, you will find many other materials with us. Among other things, we offer a wide selection of clinker tiles and fittings for facade finishing, insulation mats and boards, and even ceramic fiber itself. You will also find complete fencing systems made of ceramics and even ceiling beams. Therefore, if you are looking for a supplier who will respond to many of your needs at the same time, you've come to the right place.

Building ceramics are clay-based products. One of the biggest advantages of using ceramics is the resistance of products to low temperatures. This is a particularly important aspect in the case of ceramic tiles, clinkers and hollow bricks, i.e. materials forced to survive difficult weather conditions.