Wall materials

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Wall materials

Planning the walls of a building requires a lot of materials. Starting from bricks or hollow bricks, through insulation, to the facade. The use of specific materials in the right amount guarantees the stability of the walls, the appropriate thermal properties of the building, as well as its impeccable appearance. To achieve these goals, the best wall materials should be used. This is exactly what you will find in our store.

How to choose materials for building walls?

Every wall needs a good support. If you have not prepared the foundations yet, you can make them from foundation blocks that you will find in our store. Such blocks are perfect for the construction of load-bearing and basement walls as well as internal partition walls. They are perfect both for filling frame structures and traditional construction methods. On the prepared foundations, you can start erecting walls for which you will need other materials.

Construction of load-bearing walls

The walls of the building must above all be solid and evenly made. They are, after the foundations, the most important element of the structure, which directly affects its stability. Especially when it comes to exterior walls. Therefore, bricks or aerated concrete prefabricated elements should be used for their construction. Blocks made of slag concrete or expanded clay concrete are also popular. We choose all these wall materials in our store so that when you buy them, you don't have to worry about their parameters, ensuring excellent thermal properties.

Ceramic wall materials for the construction of partition walls

Partition walls are lightweight structures that primarily divide the space into rooms. For their construction, ceramic hollow bricks are the best, which are distinguished not only by their easy assembly, but also by their high durability. In addition, they insulate well. At the same time, you need to know that ceramic wall materials also include other products. These are, for example, lintels, fittings or facade tiles. However, these materials will be useless if you do not make good insulation using mortars and sealants.

Insulating wall materials

In addition to the obvious materials for building walls, you also need insulating, sealing and finishing materials. That is why you will need masonry mortars, adhesives, silicones, mortars for plastering, clinker tiles, insulation boards and many other materials that cannot be missing when erecting the walls of the building. In our store, we made sure that you do not have to look for them in several different stores. You will find everything you need to build walls with us.

Wall materials allow you to build internal and external walls and finish some external surfaces (terrace, stairs). The choice of good quality materials will translate directly into durability and stability of the structure as well as thermal insulation. We offer ceramics, clinkers, silicates, cellular concrete, expanded clay blocks as well as adhesives, mortars and plasters.