Roof Coatings

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Roofing material

Roofing is the outer layer of the roof, which is directly exposed to weather conditions. In our store's offer you will find a wide selection of roof tiles, bituminous felt, metal roofing, metal roofing tiles, metal sheet trapezoidal, wooden shingles and bitumen and complete gutter systems, made of aluminium, PVC or steel.

Nowadays, we mainly cover roofs with both ceramic tiles and concrete. We can also distinguish flat and profiled sheets, and sometimes they are covered with bituminous materials.

Natural roofing is called thatch or wooden shingle, formerly often used, today it is an expensive extravagance.

When choosing the material before building a house, it would seem that nothing limits us, however, we must take into account the zoning plan, which will not impose the color or shape of the roof.

The undercoating is the layer between the structure and its covering. Its purpose is to create waterproofing. It is responsible for draining rainwater and water vapor that have penetrated into this zone to the outside. Depending on the angle of inclination of the roof, the appropriate type of covering material is selected.

Starting work, we prepare flat boards to be laid with a few centimeter intervals, thus allowing ventilation of the cover. Placing properly full formwork under the tiles increases the rigidity of the structure, and unfortunately also its costs.

It is also worth considering the possibility of using the right roof covering with the right weight, tightness and stiffness. I emphasize that not every material is suitable for every cover.

Proper preparation of roof coverings parameters, taking into account their weight, can be divided into light, so-called bituminous, i.e. sheets not exceeding several kg/m2, and heavy, which include both as well as less frequently used thatch and slate weighing several dozen kg/m2.

Changing the cover, e.g. from light to heavy, very often involves the need to increase the cross-section of the rafters or reduce the distance between them. When such a situation occurs, it is worth consulting with a properly authorized constructor.

In the opposite situation, i.e. replacing heavy material with light material, we do not have much of a problem with it. However, it is worth discussing this issue with a professional. It often happens that, for example, they are sold in large sheets and it will be difficult to arrange metal roof tiles on a roof with a rather complicated shape.

During construction, the foundation for the roofing is a grillage or boarding. Profiled roof tiles and sheets are rigid and do not require covering over their entire surface, so it is enough to use battens and counter battens.

When we choose flat sheets, roofing felt or bituminous shingles, boarding should be used. The last two coverings require the most even underlay, a good choice will be the use of large wood-based panels, or possibly combined tongue and groove boards.

Regardless of the choice of the type of roofing exclusive or economical, the best choice in its class is a product from trusted manufacturers, so it's worth not skipping on the price, because the roofing is one of the most important elements when building a house.