Foils and membranes

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Atlas - butyl tape


Atlas - butyl tape

Atlas - sealing tape


Atlas - sealing tape

Atlas - surface mesh


Atlas - surface mesh

Centerflex - Big tape


Centerflex - Big tape

Building membranes allow you to protect wall and roof structures, thanks to which warm air and water vapor do not penetrate the insulation. In addition to a wide selection of membranes in this category, you will also find liquid films and rolls, sealing tapes and specialized adhesive tapes.

How to prevent moisture in your home? Specific ways and products

Taking care of the condition of the house, one cannot ignore the issue of protection against the harmful effects of moisture. It is also necessary to prevent warm air from condensing on the surface of the roof, walls or ceiling. If proper insulation is neglected, there is a risk of surface moisture. To provide your four corners with adequate protection, it is worth getting aids that will perform a water-absorbing function. This category includes construction membranes, liquid foils and sealing tapes. The offer is rich, but you should be aware which item will suit the needs of our home. You will find tight and durable products among our proposals, thanks to which the problem of moisture will become a thing of the past.

The membrane as a way to a dry and safe home

Balconies, terraces or roofs are constantly exposed to moisture, settling dust and the negative influence of wind. construction membrane is a means of dealing with the consequences of these factors. Many people owe this product a peaceful sleep in a moisture-free apartment. It is a cheap, light and, above all, effective solution that makes ordinary papa lose its popularity. In this case, the protection of the apartment becomes a matter of an easy-to-install product that, when applied to the selected area, provides comprehensive waterproofing. Strength and resistance to seepage are another advantage that we can attribute to well-chosen membranes. We also have a chance to choose a product that not only protects against rain, but also one that can cope with groundwater.

Liquid films and rolls — moisture prevention and action

Modern and innovative ways to secure rooms are becoming the choice of many conscious consumers. One of these things is liquid foil, which is a product for today. Thanks to this solution, garages and basements will be provided with the necessary insulation. The product is also suitable for foundations, guaranteeing tightness, even in damp rooms. It is worth remembering that high-quality liquid foils will perfectly match all kinds of surfaces, such as concrete, plaster or marble. The seamless coating used in our house gives the effects we expect from an efficient moisture insulator.

Sealing tapes, a solution to a common problem

The bathroom is a place that is particularly exposed to moisture. Shower, sink, bathtub - all these elements are inseparably connected with water that penetrates the surface of the room. To remedy this, you should buy sealing tape, because it is a product that can cope with even the most demanding area. Its operation includes waterproofing inside the house, working well in rooms, as well as protecting places exposed to rain or snow. In this way, the area in which we operate will be dry, pleasant and protected against the undesirable effects of moisture.